About Us

ABAD Cooperative Housing Society Ltd Rawalpindi, more familiar with its project name “Gulshan-e-Abad” is a scenic housing facility located on the suburbs of Rawalpindi City on the natural terrain of plateau of Potohar.

We are a non-profit, equal opportunity organization registered with Cooperatives Department Rawalpindi, Government of Punjab, under the provisions of Cooperative Societies Act 1925 and are regulated through the Act, Rules and bylaws framed from time to time. By definition, we are a Body Corporate having an independent entity incurring a limited liability to all of its shareholders to the extent of their shares. Likewise prominent cooperative housing societies in Pakistan as P.E.C.H.S in Karachi, and the Cooperative Model Town Housing Society at Lahore, the name of our society comes within the few topnotch Models who have successfully delivered the project to its members in Rawalpindi Division. With almost 2600 constructed houses and 1200 vacant plots likely to be constructed in near future, our society aims to provide housing and shelter facilities to almost 5000 families facilitating a population of about 25 to 30 thousand at average. By affiliating nearby lands, the society has accommodated a few of its affecttees and has earned a handsome profit and is now striving for a new phase fully managed and owned by society itself.